Things Casinos want to hide from you

Gambling is a very old tradition which has made the lives of some people and completely destroyed some. Casinos have been the very body and soul of gambling for more than a century now. It has successfully established an industry which has been playing people for their money and has always won. While many of you may believe that the casinos are fair enough, there are a few things that they do not want you to know. Here are a few secrets of Baby Journey casinos that they hide from you.

Some games are meant to steal your money

You may know about the legend which says ‘the house always wins.’ How do they make it possible? While not all games offer you big wins, there are some games which do not offer a win at all. Players should realise such games and stay away from them. Such games can lure you with bigger payout, but people forget that the chance of winning is also going down. And in the game of chances, every hand matters. One such game is double blackjack which gives the house over 9 percent advantage.

The ambience is to make you stay longer

Ever noticed the carpet, the lighting and the regular service inside a casino. Why do you think it is designed that way. Everything in the casino is to made to keep you hooked into games for hours. There will be no windows, no clocks, but a room filled with complimentary beverages and beautiful waitresses. Also notice that once you start losing big amounts of money, you will be complemented with free drinks and food. Well, if you feel good about it, you cannot see that it is not free at all. Imagine losing a hundred dollars to the house and getting a ten dollars snack free. You did not get it for free; you lost 90 dollars!

They are watching you

Once you start winning big amounts, the casino turns their eyes on you. There are surveillance cameras everywhere to track all the activites inside the casino. The only place you can feel not being watched will be the bathrooms. These cameras are also to protect you from the pick pocketeers who try to sneak away from your valuables, but they can also find out if you are cheating. If it is your lucky day, they are definetly watching you.

Poker does not get monitored like other games

Since poker is a game where the players are playing against each other and not against the house, they are not interested in tracking what poker players are doing. The poker players are very keen on observing if another player is cheating and they will definetly tell if someone is. So the house does not need to install extra security to keep an eye on them.

Dealers can steal sometime

The dealers do not make much from their salary. Most of their expenses are dependent on the tips they get from players. There is nothing unusual about deals vanishing a chip or two from the table of drunk players. When you get entertained by the card handling tricks of dealers, make sure that you did not miss any sneaky move while being mesmerized by their hand movements.

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