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NO BAKE Boozy Bites!


- Mary V.

"This mix (No Bake Boozy Bites) reminds me of rum balls. Moist and pre-flavored. I tried the Drunken Monkey with some rum. They are even better dipped in chocolate."


- Paula K.

"Lots of Fun and so easy! I picked up 3 at an event in Austin. I made one with fruit juice for the kids - and one tequila for the parents."


So easy to make, absolutely no baking required!               

Boozy Bites are old fashioned rum balls with a modern kick. They come pre-flavored and are inspired by delicious cocktails.    Just add 2.5 ounces of the recommended liquor, mix it up, roll into balls, then coat with powdered sugar and you are done! Extremely easy and flavorful. Take it a step further and coat them with chocolate or colored sugars for a more decadent presentation and treat.

Be a Cocktail Cake Hero with No Bake Boozy Bites

>>>  A fast and easy dessert for your Holiday Dinners  

>>>  Bring them to office or neighborhood parties  

>>>  Give them as a gift for housewarming parties

>>>  Combine with a bottle of spirits and give a holiday gift for a baker or enterainer.



We have a dozen delicious flavors to choose from.   Create your own custom six pack and save money.

no-bake-boozy-bite-buttery-nipple-front-png.pngButtery Nipple - Flavored with Butterscotch and Irish Cream.  Made with real white choclolate chips included in the mix.  Mix it with Rum (strongest) or Irish Cream (mild) for a boozy treat.  Use chocolate milk for a non-alcoholic option.  Coat in powdered sugar - but you may want to try white chocolate shavings - or dip them in white chocolate.

drunken-monkey-no-bake-boozy-bite-png-cover.pngDrunken Monkey - Flavored with Banana, Chocolate and just a hint of espresso.  Made with crushed banana chips.  Mix it with Rum (strongest) or Kahlua (mild) for a boozy treat.  Use chocolate milk for a non-alcoholic option.  Coat in powdered sugar or powdered cocoa for something less sweet.  Or coat in chocolate for a more decadent treat.

no-bake-boozy-bite-pina-colada-flavor.jpgPina Colada - Flavored with pineapple coconut and vanilla.  It's made with real coconut shavings in the mix.  Just add 2.5 oz of Dark or Spiced Rum.  Malibu Rum is also a delicious choice.  Use pineapple juice for a non-alcoholic option.  Toss in powdered sugar or roll the bites in coconut for a delicious treat.

no-bake-boozy-bite-margarita-flavor-front-label.jpgMargarita - Flavored like the mexican drink with lime and citrus.  It has real diced citron in the mix for that bit of lime.  Best when mixed with tequila - but you can also mix with rum.  For a non-alcoholic option use lime or orange juice.  Toss them in powdered sugar or a 3/4 sugar and 1/4 salt mixture.  Salut!

no-bake-boozy-bite-mojito-cover.jpgMojito - this is a refreshing combination of lime and mint with some sweet sugar.  It includes real diced citron for that lime bite.  Mix with dark rum or a citron vodka.  Use lime juice for a non alcoholic version.  Toss with powdered sugar or for more mint crush up some white mints into fine dust.  Also dipped in just a bit of white chocolate.

better-than-sex-no-bake-boozy-bite-cover.jpgBetter than Sex - Flavored with frangelico (hazelnut) citrus cream and a hint of espresso.  It comes with real chocolate chips in the mix.  Best mixed with Frangelico, Triple Sec or Creme de cacao - but Rum will work in a pinch.  Use orange juice or chocolate milk for non alcoholic version.  Toss in powdered sugar or dip in chocolate.  

no-bake-boozy-bites-port-du-carmel-cover.jpgPort Du Caramel - flavored with caramel, dark chocolate a hint of sweet blueberry.  The mix comes with diced figs for a rich sweet flavor.  Best mixed with Port wine or other sweet reds.  Rum can also be used.  For a non-alcoholic option use grape juice.  Toss in powdered sugar or dip in chocolate.

no-bake-boozy-bites-tropic-nights-cover.jpgTropic Night - a Margarita meets a Pina Colada meets an Oreo Cookie. The mix comes with real diced pineapple in the mix.  Add dark rum (strongest) or Malibu Rum or Creme de Cacao for a milder bite.  Chocolate milk, pineapple or orange juice are good non alcoholic options.  Toss in powdered sugar or coconut.  Can be dipped in chocolate as well.

no-bake-boozy-bite-lemon-drop-cover-png.pngLemon Drop - Lemon and vanilla.  It's that simple.  Made with real diced lemon.  Best with citron vodka or even dark rum for a sweeter taste.  Use lemonade for a non alcoholic option.  Toss in powdered sugar or dip in white chocolate.

no-bake-boozy-bite-amareto-sour-front-cover-png.pngAmaretto Sour - The sweet taste of amaretto, lemon and a hint of cherry.  Comes with currants for a rich fruity complement.  Best with Amaretto or Rum (stronger).  Lemonade is a good non alcoholic alternative.  Toss in powdered sugar or try cinnamon sugar for a twist.  White chocolate is best for dipping - or try caramel.

no-bake-boozy-bites-black-stag-cover.jpgBlack Stag - This is flavored with Jager, Apple and Dark chocolate for a strong tasting ball.  Best with Jager or Sambucco.  Light rum can also be used. Apple Cider is a good non alcoholic option.  Toss in powdered sugar and consider using black licorice stock insider each ball.

no-bake-boozy-bites-chai-arita-cover.jpgChai-arita - Spicy Chai flavors combined with a margarita for a spicier rum ball.  Comes with diced pineapple in the mix.  Add rum or tequila.  Apple cider or chai tea (cooled) are good non alcoholic options.  Toss in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar.

no-bake-boozy-bite-peppermint-cream-flavor.jpgPeppermint Cream - Fresh Peppermint with milk chocolate and cream for a smooth holiday treat.  Comes with real chocolate chips.  Best mixed with Peppermint Schnapps or Vodka.  User chocolate milk for a non alcoholic options.  Toss in powdered sugar, chocolate sugar or finely crushed peppermint pieces.  Can also be dipped in dark or milk chocolate.

starry-night-boozy-bite.jpgStarry Night - A chocolate lovers dream.  This is close to a chocolate tini.  Dark chocolate with vanilla and real white chocolate chips (the stars of the night) in the mix.  Best with Vodka but can also be mixed with creme de cacao, kahlua, rum, brandy and bourbon.  Chocolate milk of course is a great non alcoholic option. Toss in powdered sugar or cocoa sugar.

espresso-tini-no-bake-boozy-bit-cover.jpgEspresso Tini - A sweet taste of coffee.  This mix comes with real chocolate chips in the mix.  Kahlua is the best mixer choice - but you can also use vodka for something stronger.  Coffee (cooled) or chocolate milk are non alcoholic options.  Toss in powdered sugar or cocoa sugar.  Great when dipped in chocolate.




Check out this article to learn how to make them with a "no hands" method.


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