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Fun Cocktail Cake Ideas



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How to Make Boozy Mousse

Adding some booze or liqueur to mousse creates some delicious flavors that your guests will love.  There are some tricks to help the mousse come out light, fluffy but also full of flavor.  Discover some fun ways to present your boozy mouse - as well as different recipe ideas such as irish cream mousse, amaretto mousse and more.


Cherries Jubilee Martini Pie Recipe and Instructions

Create fun looking individual pies for holiday parties or over summer when a fruity and fun BBQ dessert is required.  Discover how to use Cakes Under the Influence Entertainer Kit to make not only delicious cocktail cakes - but delicious cocktail pies as well!


Fill your Cocktail Cakes with Jelly or Ganache

Create an extra special treat by filling your cocktail cake with a light liquor flavored ganache or jellies.  Each cake becomes it's "cup" that can be filled with delicious and creamy fillings.


Savory Cocktail Appetizers

Cocktail shapes aren't just for cakes.  Make savory cocktail inspired appetizers like this Vermouth and Black Olive phyllo delicacy.  It's like a mini-quiche.


'Tis the Season for Alcohol Pies

Thanksgiving is upon us, and it’s just the beginning of the pie holidays. Chances are if you’re hosting a meal this season, you’re already trying to decide whether to make your pies yourself, or order out to your favorite bakery. Making your own pies gives you the opportunity to put a fun new twist on some classic holiday recipes. Alcohol pies won’t disappoint on taste, and they’re sure to make your party a hit!

Birthday cakes for adults

Some Outstanding Adult Birthday Cake Ideas:

As adults we measure our big birthdays in decades - 30th, 40th, and so on.  It's a time to take stock and to lift a sweet toast to what we've accomplished.  Check out some cocktail birthday cakes and adult party ideas that is fitting the occasion.  And if the guest of honor enjoys time in the kitchen, one of our kits can make a great gift idea for a baker.

Girls night adult cake ideas

The Perfect Recipe for Girls Night: 

Cocktails, sweets, and best friends! What could be a better way to mix together some cocktail cake ideas for your adult party.


Tailgating Dessert Ideas | Baking with Beer: 

Check out these 5 beer inspired cakes perfect for tailgating and the big game.

Tequila sunrise martini cake

The Anti-Cupcake - Cocktail Cakes for Adult Parties: 

A 40th Adult Birthday Party with Tequila Sunrise Martini Cakes and echoes of Mexico.  This is more than a novelty cake.  It's a sweet celebration.

21st birthday cake

The 21st Birthday Cake: 

A 21st birthday is a rite of passage.  These cocktail cake ideas .  Recognize the milestone in a fun and novel way with Cocktail Inspired Cakes - it will be a conversation starter for someones first adult party.

Mojito Novelty Cake

Kicking Dessert Up a Notch:

Apple Pie and Chocolate Chip cookies have their place.  But why not kick things up a notch with some cocktail cake ideas.  Show off your creative cake ideas inspired by your favorite cocktail.  Let your baker flag fly with new birthday cake ideas.

Cocktail Cake Pop

Cocktail Cake Pops can be Easy and Fun for Adults

Traditional Cake Pops are a work of art.  I don't have the time.  But Cocktail Cake Pops are a lot easier (Just put a "stick" in it) and not so packed with pure sugar.

Chocolate Tini Cupcakes

An Alternative to Cupcake Icing and Frosting

I love the idea of piled high frosting but my doctor doesn't.  A more responsible adult party idea keeps the frosting packed with flavor but limited on calories.  Here are some ideas to decorate adult cocktail cakes with flavorful but more trimming icing's. 

Adult baking

Instructions to Throw an Adult Cake Decorating Party:

The Cakes Under the Influence experience is made-to-order for adult party ideas - after all what's better than some sweets, spirits and friends to have a good adult time.

Romantic Cake Idea

Romantic Desserts for the Hopelessly in Love

It’s a fact - cocktails and sweets are a romantic combination.  For instance, you may have that special cocktail from when you first met.  And a sweet bite or two . . .

Gifts for bakers

Unique Birthday Gifts ideas for Bakers

The exchange of birthday gifts is a tradition made to show appreciation for the ones we care about.  A cocktail themed baking kit can be the perfect gift idea for the baker and entertainer in your life.   Who knows - may your friend will return the favor with an adult birthday cake idea baked just for you.

CUI Shower Bridal

Bridal Shower Baking Parties

While the wedding is designed to celebrate the union of two people, the bridal shower is all about the bride. This is the bride's chance to take a break from all the crazy wedding planning . . . 

CUI Chocolate

Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with some unique chocolate cocktail cake ideas

Whether it's baked into a brownie, drizzled over a sundae, or eaten straight from the wrapper, it is nearly impossible to resist the delicious taste of chocolate . . .

Tropical Cake Ideas

Creative and Delicious Theme Party Ideas for Grown-ups

Everyone loves a good party. Adult birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or even...just because. There is always a reason to celebrate. Who doesn't love . . .

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